The old growth forests of Washington State are sacred, otherwordly places.  Ancient Beings eager to connect with humans abound here. We offer a bridge to this special connection.

Workshops and Lectures: Sa'be Communication and Relationship Building

'Wisdom of the Sa'be' is the world leader in teaching communication and relationship building with benevolent Sa'be, or Sasquatch; these Ancient Beings are known as the "Old Ones" by indigenous cultures.  They stand ready to teach those who are ready and willing to learn.  If you feel pulled to make a real connection with these Wise Elders and ask them to teach you, our service is for you.


Camping workshop:  We offer a very focused two day camping workshop to teach you how to communicate with these ancient Beings and to establish a Teacher-Student relationship.  This takes place in one of the many old growth forests of Washington State. These magnificent places are the classroom. Join us with respect, openness, pure intentions and discernment.

Our unique education is only the beginning and is intended to set the foundation for a meaningful, life-long relationship and learning experience with Ancient, Ascended Sa'be Beings. You will learn definitive communication skills using symbolic language and simple meditation for the purpose of obtaining an Elder Teacher.

We will gladly provide camping accommodations for all levels, depending on experience, physical fitness, and inclement weather, as well as all the tools and knowledge to continue this meaningful journey.  We also offer personalized coaching via zoom for those who cannot make the trip to Washington State.

(Researching to prove or exploit for greed, filming for self importance/ego on social media or TV, deploying trap cameras or drones and flirs, etc. will not be tolerate here.)


We are also available to provide a 75 minute lecture and one hour workshop for Sasquatch Conferences: 

"Sa'be Communication - The New Paradigm"


In the spring of 2016, an eight-foot Elder Sa'be Teacher began teaching ancient wisdom to Founder and Guide, Judy Carroll. Judy’s strong background in science, her open mind and heart, along with her extensive outdoor experience and natural reverence for nature, positioned her perfectly to receive this wisdom. Judy is now ready to share this sacred knowledge with individuals sincerely ready to receive it.

The old growth Forest's of Washington State would become the most influential “classroom” for these sacred teachings and very personal lessons. With the other-worldly beauty, including massive old growth trees, thick draping moss, and an undeniable feeling of “coming home”, these ancient forests naturally facilitates a powerful heart centered connection with the Trees, the Sa'be, the Higher Self, and all of Nature.