Judy Carroll

Judy Carroll is a passionate clinical pioneer in periodontal regeneration and medicine, with over 33 years of experience treating and connecting with her patients. Her mission for providing extraordinary, more humane and affordable periodontal care, has changed the lives of thousands of patients traveling in from all over the world. Judy openly shares her discoveries and research with her colleagues through post graduate courses and mentoring. [More info here]

Judy’s greatest passion is immersing herself in nature and connecting and learning from all the Beings she has come to know. An avid hiker, backpacker, off trail explorer, climber, car/RV camper, and accomplished fisherwoman for many years, she is most at home in the breathtaking wilderness areas of the Olympic Peninsula and Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

On July 31st, 2016, Judy’s life path would change in a significant way when an 8-foot Elder Sasquatch Teacher walked up to her after months of patiently guiding her through her fears during solo outings in the wilderness.  He would spend years teaching her the truth about herself, the Sa'be People, and the Trees using symbolic language techniques, meditation, high vibration 'heart talk', and many other advanced techniques. Hundreds of trips alone with her Teacher (Khom'be) enabled Judy to gain an education in the “old ways”. She is now ready to bring this advanced knowledge to individuals ready to learn. This sacred knowledge is not "woo", it is truth in science beyond the outdated model of newtonian physics.

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Building a Relationship with Sasquatch

(Audio gets better after 2 minute mark.)