How to Become a Student

How to Become a Student

As a first step, please send us a brief e-mail describing your overall intention for developing a relationship with an Elder Sa'be Teacher. If we feel you are a good fit for this experience based on your overall intention, we will then schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to get to know you even better and begin preparations for your experience. We prefer parties of no more than two people.  Judy's Teacher Khom'be guides the entire process for student selection and how to teach each student (this is very individualized).

What you will learn

  • How to match your energy to the Sa'be - an important first step to developing a trusting and meaningful relationship with these Beings.
  • Definitive communication using universal symbolic language technique, which you can use anywhere you go.
  • How to ask for an Elder Teacher using these methods.
  • Learn and experience the variety of advanced techniques the Sa'be use to teach.
  • Interconnectedness exercises you can practice anywhere.
  • Targeted meditation technique to communicate using 'heart talk'.
  • Learn the truth about who these ancient Beings are and walk away with a new understanding.
  • Most importantly, you will learn who YOU are as you refine your own energy to a higher level.


In the past our fees were based on the honor system until we discovered that this structure did not communicate the value for our extensive time and expense involved in providing this life changing information. This is not a charity, it is a service involving a lot of energy and focus. Judy and Khom'be's time and energy is to be respected.

Our new fee structure is as follows:

Two day very personalized hands-on workshop - $600 for one student, $900 for two students (fee includes extensive post workshop coaching and valuable hand-outs).

Ten percent of all proceeds are donated to non profit's supporting children's welfare and forest preservation/restoration.

We also ask that you consider offering a generous donation gift (if you are able to) by 'paying it forward' for the intention of helping a lower income individual attend this important, life changing education.  Thank you!

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Judy is also available for one-on-one coaching sessions via zoom.  Our fee is $100 per hour.

An intention we hope to manifest soon:

Three day retreats and workshops for adults and children at Nature Bridge Conference and Retreat Center on beautiful Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park.

Visit the Nature Bridge website.