Our Philosophy

Hoh Rain ForestOur Philosophy and Intention

Judy has been given many important insights about the Sa'be and the Trees during her extensive field research spanning 17 years. Below is some of the wisdom shared with her by her eight foot Sa'be Teacher, Khom'be.

There are two 'kinds' of Sa'be/Sasquatch type beings, physical and more non-physical (supernatural), either can be benevolent or malevolent. The following explanation is simplified here for the purpose of understanding. Not all "Sasquatch" are benevolent. The intention of the researcher sets the stage for the overall experience and subsequent data collected. The energy you put out is the energy you will attract, like a mirror. This is a simple scientific concept and is very important to understand.

Intentions from the heart such as gratitude, humility, respect (pure heart intentions carry a high vibration) will attract Benevolent, Ancient Teachers who will interact with humans and even teach sacred wisdom if asked with sincerity. If intentions and actions are not of the heart, and are more ego centered or disrespectful (such as hunting evidence to prove existence, engaging in greed and exploitation, deploying trap cameras and/or drones, seeking fame or self-importance, displaying arrogance, disrespecting nature and/or the Sa'be/Sasquatch), creatures and/or malevolent energies who do not have higher intentions for humans will be attracted. These more physical fear-based creatures or malevolent beings lack compassion and live in a more 'warrior like' mindset.  They dislike humans very much.

Physically these lesser evolved beings can have a truncated nose and can be rather 'scary looking', they lack the physical human traits of the more ascended and evolved Sa'be/Sasquatch.  In addition, if the more non-physical malevolent energies are attracted (supernatural entities), things could become quite dangerous for the researcher.  These energies are very much in the realm of 'demonic' or 'skin walker' type energies - they do exist and they can shape shift to deceive quite easily and masterfully. They are imposters.  If the entities the researcher is engaging with are doing "mind speak" without permission (mind rape basically) and are not teaching higher intention concepts, such as 'heart talk', Tree meditation, lessons and meditation to achieve higher consciousness and expand intuition, exercises to discover Interconnectness of All, or discovery and integration of Higher Self, they would be well advised to step back and evaluate the situtation and consider a simple shift away from fear and ego (small self) and into a higher, pure heart intention of love (higher self).

The benevolent, Ancient Sasquatch/Sa'be are a highly advanced hidden civilization; exceedingly wise, intelligent, loving and compassionate.  They are very large, hair covered People (they physically appear very human and noble with a roman nose).  The Sa'be possess very advanced skills in energy manipulation and higher consciousness. These benevolent ancient beings are not limited by space and time. The Elders enjoy communicating compassion, friendship, love and other positive emotions to the human researcher via full body vibration and higher communication called "heart talk".  Heart talk requires the human to learn to tune into their own abilities (to come up to a higher level), it requires practice through meditation taught by the Elders.  They also communicate using click language and other ancient languages.

The Sa'be People live in small, very loving and protective family groups (14 individuals).  The young ones are allowed to come quite close to trusted human individuals and enjoy playing around very much.  They also enjoy special treats such as apples and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (organic, no added sugar, no plastic).  Higher beings do not develope dental cavities, periodontal disease or any other systemic disease due to their high vibration and homeostasis (host response).  Pathogens cannot physically exist in these incredible Beings, therefore, if a witness descibes a "Sasquatch" with periodontal disease or any other physical malady, they are not witnessing high vibration Sa'be Beings.

The Sa'be People are very protective of humans they have come to know and love, as well as all of nature and wildlife. They are completely connected to all of nature and Mother Earth, and they communicate easily with all nature beings. The Sa'be possess a great sense of humor, they display an endearing childlike energy. Like the Trees they are very compassionate, loving and forgiving. The Sa'be enjoy listening to music and they also enjoy singing.  They can mimic anything in the forest and can also mimic the sound of any musical instrument, including drums.

The Ancient Sasquatch/Sa'be are driven by heart energy.  If a human matches this level of intention this is what they will attract. These Beings spend most of their time in their "light bodies" and can easily come and go in and out of our 3D reality; this simple Truth is founded in the natural laws of nature and physics, and in no way resembles or represents the dispectful term "woo". For these reasons trying to hunt or capture them is a ridiculous concept at its core. The ancient Sasquatch do not require much in the way of physical sustenance since most of their energy comes from the earth and the Trees. They have a very special relationship with Trees and will teach 'Tree meditation' and sacred wisdom about the Tree's to researchers with pure heart intentions who are ready (this is an advanced skill and can be very dangerous for anyone not properly prepared).

The Sa'be are highly telepathic, and "time" is not linear for them; they know what your reaction will be before you do. They know everything about you and every thought you are having before you even come to the forest.  They know all of your fears and they see your heart and your intentions. You cannot trick them.

Some of the Ancient Sa'be People are transitioned Teachers/Guides/Guru's with an even higher level of skills and consciousness, they are Ascended Masters.  These Teachers can present as male or female Sa'be Beings. They teach in baby steps, and they teach in the best possible way for that specific human to learn and understand.  A unique curriculum is created for each individual since each individual is unique in the way they learn.  The Elder Teachers have tremendous patience.

Once being shown protection, solo research becomes crucial for anyone sincere about learning sacred knowledge from these Ancient Beings and having their own profound interaction and connection.  Fears must be overcome (tremendously important), and trust established in order to refine the researcher's vibration to a higher level and join the Sa'be/Sasquatch freely.  It can be no other way. This is when the inward journey begins; trauma must be healed in this process, which requires a willingness to let go and forgive.  The goal is to refine and elevate vibrational frequency. Our natural state. This helps the experiencer to remember (uncover) who they really are by bringing out innate dormant skills and Knowing (integration with Higher Self).  No one is perfect in this journey and it requires tremendous self patience and a persistent commitment of time and willingness.


Summary of intention:

The Trees and the Sa'be possess sacred, ancient knowledge and are here to teach humans who are ready and open to learning. They teach the truth about who WE humans are – interconnected beings born with amazing gifts and capabilities (on the same level as the Sa'be People) who have simply forgotten and are now living in an illusion of separation. These Elders hold space for us on our journey home to remembering who we are. 

Interacting with the Elder Sa'be Teachers on a high level and obtaining a meaningful connection is a choice, an intention. A priority. A fervent prayer. It is our vision through ‘Wisdom of the Sa'be’ to guide and mentor individuals who have honestly embraced this heart intention and are ready to move forward.

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Consider asking yourself these questions whether you are new to this topic or are a seasoned "Sasquatch researcher/experiencer."


“What is my intention for exploring a connection with these Ancient Beings?”

"Do I have a sincere heartfelt desire to LEARN from these Ancient Beings?  Can I make it a priority?"

“Am I willing to believe I can have a special connection and 'teacher-student' relationship with Elder Sa'be Teachers?"

“Am I willing to set aside ego intention, disbelief, fears or limitations of any kind to learn a new way?"


You are deserving of much more than what you may have defined as your limitations, or what others have led you to believe. Find some quiet time and just sit with the above information. It’s worth it. Intention sets the foundation for your entire path moving forward.